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  • Welcome to ALT Magazine & Press: Hazawi Prize Announces 2023 Shortlist: (Sana'a, Yemen) - The shortlist for the 2023 Hazawi Prize for Yemeni Literature has been revealed, announcing the ten writers who have been selected as finalists for this prestigious award.
  • Now in its second yearly round, the Hazawi Prize recognizes exceptional contributions to fiction in Yemeni literature. Organized by the Hazawi Cultural Foundation, this annual prize aims to promote Yemeni literature and support creative writers.
  • This year's shortlist features both emerging and renowned Yemeni authors. The ten works advancing to the final round of judging are:
  • - Abdullah Faisal shortlisted for his novel, Spirits and Secrets.
  • - Aisha Saleh shortlisted for her novel, Under the Ashes
  • - Farouk Merish shortlisted for his novel, A Dignified Stranger
  • - Ahmed Ashraf shortlisted for his novel, A Painful Belt
  • - Ghassan Khalid shortlisted for his novel, A Sky that Rains Fear
  • - Hosam Adel shortlisted for his novel, The Lord of the Black Dog
  • - Asmaa Abdulrazak shortlisted for her novel, Shrapnels
  • - Abdullah Abdu Muhammad shortlisted for his novel, The Road to Sana'a
  • - Najah Bahkeim shortlisted for her novel, The Final Decision
  • - Samir AbdulFattah shortlisted for her novel, What We Cannot See
  • The winner will be revealed at an award ceremony in Sana'a later where they will receive $1,500 USD. Second and third prizes of $1,000 USD each will also be awarded. All shortlisted works are celebrated for chronicling Yemen's rich culture and wartime experiences. This prestigious prize continues highlighting the nation's thriving literary community.

Mubarak Al-Yadoumi

Mubarak Al-Yadoumi – Yemeni Poet and Novelist


Dr. Mubarak Ali Ahmed Al-Hamadi Al-Yadoumi (born July 8, 1986) is a Yemeni national hailing from the village of Daf, Ans District, Dhamar Governorate. His ancestral roots trace back to the Al-Yadoumi family in the village of Thi Yadoum, Khawlan Al-Tayyal, Sanaa Governorate. Married with three children, he currently resides in Sanaa and has been working as a university assistant professor in the fields of literature and translation since 2019.


He completed his primary education at Al-Shaab School in Daf. For his higher education, he earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction from the University of Al-Bayda, College of Education, specializing in the English language. He then traveled to the Republic of India, where he pursued a master’s degree at Swami Nanad University, achieving first place for the academic year 2015 in the English language. Then, he moved to Bamou-Orange Abad University to pursue his Ph.D. in Philosophy, specializing in Comparative Literature and Literary Translation.


In terms of authorship, Dr. Al-Yadoumi has nine literary works, including two poetry books, four novels, a collection of short stories, and two non-fiction books. Additionally, he has authored over ten scholarly research papers in the fields of criticism, literature, and language.


Al-Yadoumi is a poet, short story writer, and novelist. He used to recite poems and short stories at weddings and special occasions, all in the Arabic language. Upon learning English, during his doctoral program, he was determined to write in English.


Dr. Al-Yadoumi’s first book in English, a poetry collection titled “Hell of the Land of Sheba,” was published on Amazon CreateSpace in 2016. He continued writing in English and published his second collection of poetry titled “Shackles on the Ladder of Light,” on CreateSpace in 2017. In 2018, his literary book titled “Human Pains in the Mirror of Literature” was published. His doctoral dissertation was published on Amazon Kindle in 2018.


After obtaining his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Literary Translation, Dr. Al-Yadoumi became interested in writing novels. His first novel, “Hearts in Rural Yemen,” was published on Amazon Kindle and Notion Press in 2019. Then, he continued his writing and came out with his second novel, “The Thorny Throne: The Fall of the Tenth Crown,” which was published in 2020. In 2021, Al-Yadoumi published his collection of short stories titled “Trilogies of Hidden Fear”. By the end of 2021, Al-Yadoumi published his third novel “Rust of Minds: Lessons”. In early 2023, Al-Yadoumi came out with his fourth novel 2023 titled “With the Self on the Train of Time.”

by/ Hatem Al-Shamea            Ahmed Abdo

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